Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jello. Really?

Today I took 5 minutes to talk on the phone with a dear friend whose son is very sick. I went outside to the patio to talk so that I did not have to worry about reception or the noise level of two 5 year olds. Oh how I mis-judged what could happen in five minutes.

When I re-entered the house, I found one child standing in the office area with a handful of orange jello and oranges. Well, make that two handfulls. He was desperately trying to contain the jiggly mass and his eyes looked like a deer in the headlights. (Right there is a clue he knew what he did was no acceptable)

I cornered him and took him to the kitchen to wash up. Jello went in the trash, hands got washed, sticky shirt went to the laundry. Then I found jello on the floor in the dining room. I made him clean it up. Then I found jello and oranges on the floor in the living room. I made him clean that up.

Then I found jello on the floor in the pantry.

Jello on the chair in the dining room.

Jello on the floor in the kitchen, plus a jello cup.

Jello on the floor in the dining room.

Jello on a guitar.

Jello on my foot.

Oh dear lord, there is sticky jello everywhere.



Was he in hyper-speed mode???????

I am still finding it. Damn jello. (Sorry to cuss but the jello.....)


Reba said...

You may be finding jello for days to come. I know, I know. I cannot turn my back for a minute around here!

Diana said...

Uh...BTDT...'nuff said. :-)

Anonymous said...

When there is Jell-o all over the house, including on the guitar and smeared on one's foot, damn does not count as swearing.
My kids are very neat, for the most part, but we had a neighbor kid come over one time and he took apart the pepper mill and poured peppercorns all over the kitchen, pantry and breakfast room, laughing like a crazy person as they rolled wildly everywhere. He then proceeded to steal a $20 bill from my eldest son's bank and scooted off home with the loot. I went to his house and got his mother to retrieve the money but she gave me the impression that it was all somehow my fault.