Friday, January 07, 2011

Offline and Off My Rocker

What could be worse than suddenly losing phone and internet service? That's where we have been all week. Two days without phone and 5 without DSL. No idea what knocked out the lines, just that they had technicians out here every day and described it as complex.

So what have y'all missed this past week? Ash got out of the hospital Saturday morning, a day earlier than predicted. She is feeling really great now. She will follow up with her doctors in Dallas on Monday. Leave it to Ashley to get so sick while vacationing in another city. LOL! Believe me, the coordination efforts to get info and insurance issues straightened out was daunting. Add in the fact we lost phone and internet access. Sweet. Don't worry, this Mama Bear was up to the challenge.

Ashley was hand picked for a special high-achieving student trip to Egypt this summer. Only a couple of kids from each high school in the area get picked. It's a super-duper culturally rich experience of a lifetime. Unfortunately, the price is prohibitive. Instead of Egypt this year, she is opting to go on next years trip to Rome. That gives us a year to save up and maybe I will be able to go with her. She was so sweet about it when I told her we couldn't afford it this year. We just had several thousand in unexpected medical fees and we need to get her a car soon too. I wish I could give her the moon, but at least I know we have given her a sense of values.

Seth is doing better than he has ever done. I don't know what the big change is, or why. It started a couple of days before Christmas. He has turned into a super sweet little love bug, full of smiles and hugs. No tantrums, no hitting, getting along wonderfully with his brothers. Unfortunately as Seth turned into a Prince, Ahren turned into an Ogre. He has been hitting, kicking and pulling hair. The only good thing I can say is that he has finally stopped getting up numerous times at night screaming. He might come into our room one time, get a hug and a kiss and then go back to bed by himself. I think it has helped that Buster has been sleeping with him and Seth. They love that and so does Buster.

They called this week to pre-test Ahren for the big MRI. Somehow they had it down that he would not need anesthesia, that they would just give him a little valium and he would hold still for 4-5 hours in the big scary loud MRI machine. Now let's all think on that one a bit. Umm, NO! Are they crazy? We will be asking for the anesthesia so we can get the results the first time. It's a light anesthesia and will insure we get the best possible results so we can move forward to getting an answer.

Last year at this time, Seth weighed 28 pounds and Ahren weighed 50 pounds. Yesterday when I weighed them, Seth weighed 37 pounds and Ahren weighed 42 pounds. Both have gotten taller but it is telling that Ahren has lost 8 pounds this year. He went from chubby sized jeans to slims. Seth went from 2T pants to 5T pants, still super slims. Does anyone know where you can get suspenders for small boys? All their pants keep falling down! LOL!

Today is the Birthday of my 'A' kids. Happy Birthday Ashley (16) and Ahren (5). Both of you are so very special and so much alike! How two kids born from different parents could be so much alike is beyond me. They look alike and they act alike. Both are prone to the drama. Ash used to crack us up as a baby because she would cry and place her hand, palm out, on her forehead as she wailed. We called her Camille. Ahren is the same. He will make himself cry and work so hard to squeeze out a single tear that he practically pops a blood vessel. Both would do anything to keep from having to pick up toys and both have claimed their legs were broken so they could get out of it. Both have a super sweet, gently nature underneath a sometimes silly sometimes prickly exterior. If I had a nickel for every time these two have lashed out at me and told me they hate me or I am mean....

I think that rounds up the major events here this week. Now we are off to the store to get a birthday cake and birthday dinner fixins.

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