Saturday, January 22, 2011

An Ode to Poo

Little Poo, oh little Poo, you drive me so crazy,
When little boys don't wipe themselves because they are too lazy.

Little Poo, Oh little Poo, you really are so stinky,
Slipping down the stairs with ease as though you are a slinky.

Little Poo, oh little Poo, you fill me full of hate,
What made you want to slime the handle to the backyard gate.
(And WHYYYYY did I grab it before looking?)

Little poo, oh little Poo, falling out of pants,
You make me want to scream and yell and come up with new rants.

Little Poo, oh little Poo you're really gonna kill me,
Searching for you in hidden spots just does not fulfill me.

Little Poo, oh little Poo, dried all over a hiney,
I have to scrub and scrub with soap to make it all shiney.

Little Poo, oh little Poo, caked up someone's back,
Please oh please leave me alone, I swear I'm gonna crack!

Little Poo oh little Poo, smeared across a seat,
I give, I give, you can stop it now, you clearly have me beat.

Brought to you by Clorox wipes and bleach and one disgusted mama.


Diana said...

And where was this ode last night when I needed it so much. Sorry today is a poopy one for you!

Also, just wondering where you're at with being able to come to the Utah retreat this year? This ode makes me REALLY hope you can make it. Email me offline if you want.

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Oh my gawd, after your little ode, there is an empty space in your post and I was reading in my reader, so the space was extra long and I thought,

Oh my crap, she put a picture in there!!!!

And I am so thankful to be wrong.