Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our Day at the Hospital

Let me start by saying I am exhausted. I didn't sleep well last night, just too many thoughts crashing around in my brain. There was a lot of confusion over what Ahren was really going to have done and that makes me nervous. My main goal was to get All the info we needed in One trip with the minimum of UPSET to Ahren.

Our day started very early as Ahren and I got showers, dressed and bags of toys and food packed. He couldn't eat or drink from the night before so I knew by the time he was done he would be starving. Into his lunchbox went a ham and cheese sandwich, chips, brownies and 3 fruit juice boxes. My bag held knitting, my e-book reader and my Zune. We brushed teeth (don't swallow the water!) got ready and hit the road by 7:30am.

We traveled a total of 170 miles today. The only part that was hairy was the last few minutes trying to find the right entrance to the hospital. Downtown Houston is a mess of one-way streets and construction. The GPS helped, but it was still terribly stressful.

Let me say that everyone at Herman Memorial Children's Hospital was AWESOME. They sent us a Child Life worker who entertained Ahren for hours. She told him what to expect, showed him pictures and played games with him. She was adorable and Ahren fell madly in love with Miss Kelly. Heck, he wanted her instead of me at times! What a flirt.

They didn't have scrubs small enough for Ahren so they gave him a big scrub shirt he wore like a dress. Let's just say that lots and lots of folks saw his underpants today. No modesty here!

We tried three times to get the images. There were hours of screaming, lots of crying (me and him) many people involved and finally an anesthesiologist who knocked him out cold. Of course he went out while playing his DS. True to form.

Unfortunately, because of all the meds he had on board it took him a very long time to wake up. Hours to be exact. They thought about keeping him overnight but finally he woke up and drank some juice and we were free. He is still 'drunken' and wobbly at almost eight tonight. We get the results in a few days.

Please think of us as we seek answers.

By the way, Mama is a wreck and fully anticipates a looooong nights sleep to recover.


Sarah said...

Praying for your sweet Ahren! And I hope you are able to turn off the brain and get some much needed sleep tonight!

Reba said...

Oh my, what a day. I hope you get a very good night's sleep and have a peaceful heart while you await answers. Hugs to you and Ahren!

Mamita J said...

Praying for answers, Wendy. And for your heart as you await results. And for Ahren's health. May you all sleep well tonight.

ManyBlessings said...

((hugs)) mama..you made it through and now prayerfully, there will be some answers for your little man. Lots of love to you!

Diana said...

Hoping you were able to get that good night's sleep you needed and things are settling to a dull roar at your house this morning.

Anonymous said...

Nobody cares that I'm sick!
Don't forget about your Dallas child :/

Priscilla said...

Hope you all get some rest!