Saturday, November 28, 2009

Operation Ashley

This girl is so beautiful, inside and out. There were times I wondered if we would ever make it this far. One of us was going down. But we made it! And she is lovely, especially for a teenager. Delightful, happy, funny, kind and loving. I am so proud.

This week was devoted to catching up on all her health and well-being.  She was complaining about a tooth that had a chip in it so I got her a dentist appointment. Turns out that there was a cavity forming under an old filling and it had gotten deep enough that the corner of the tooth cracked off. The dentist was able to drill into it, fill it with medicine and re-do the filling to cover it. He also put her on antibiotics for 10 days to ward off any infection. 

Next on the list was a full work-up of her thyroid disease. We got blood work, and EKG and an ultrasound of her thyroid done, plus a new prescription at a higher dose. I will get all the results next week and then we will make a plan for future treatment.

Then, to top off the week she had an eye appointment. Her eyes have gotten worse so it was new contacts and glasses time. She also is still having some convergence insufficiency problems so it's time for some new eye exercises. 

Let me just make one thing totally clear. Long-distance parenting SUCKS! I want her here where I can mother her, fuss over her and make sure everything is just right. Her Dad is wonderful and I trust him, but I am still her mother and I need to take care of her. It's so hard this way. Maybe it just makes me appreciate the times I have with her that much more.....

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