Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Have a Laugh on Me!

OK, so one of the medicines the doctor gave me today was a diuretic to draw off some of the fluid in my lungs and also to bring my blood pressure down a bit. (Apparently struggling to breathe creates issues in that area) 

Now remember, I am a woman of a certain age, who has delivered 3 children, and has lost some muscle control in, ahem, certain sphincter-ish muscles. 

I am also coughing really hard. A lot. Get the picture. 

So me, in my brilliant ways, picked up our prescriptions, took the first mega doses of antibiotic and diuretic and then headed off to work. Where I only get a small break once every hour. 

So....I spent the afternoon working with therapy kids, coughing my head off and crossing my legs. Sweet.....


Phyllis said...

OK, I really tried not to laugh but I just couldn't help it...that's too funny :) I do sympathize with you...I've had pneumonia many times before. But seriously, what are you doing at work?

Ellie said...

hehehe... But, at least you can hold it a little longer than I can... Cause you didn't mention how many times you had to change your clothes... GET IT!

Yep, Angelena called me her Momma Pisser the other day, when I wet my pants all the way to the bathroom... THen she said, Momma, why you sit on the potty, you already went!

Hope you feel better!


Mommy of Princess Tater Tot said...

I can relate. Last year my asthma was sooo bad every time I coughed it was not good. (and I'm in that "woman of a certain age" category) My mother laughed at me one day when she saw me coughing and doing the leg crossed stance. LOL

Okay, I'll tell you a funny little story here. I took E to the bunge run last week. I thought I would be a hot shot and see how far I could run before the bunge knocked me on my rear end. Well, not only did it knock me on my rear end but I got a bonus effect too! Since the only remotely nice single man I have seen in months just happened to be in the same room I had to make a non-chalant exit. Not so easy when you have a 3 yr old screaming, "why you need to go AGAIN!!! I wanna run more" Yeah, try looking THAT guy in the eye ever again. And btw, we see him every week...sigh...