Sunday, May 17, 2015

The week from Hades

 First, no answer from the school or anyone involved on the militant cafeteria helper. Not happy. I think I will have to escalate my complaints. I hate to do that but my child's health/life might be on the line. Luckily the allergy treatments he has had are working and he does not have life threatening reactions any more. But...other kids still do have life threatening allergies. This needs to be fixed!!

  This past week we have had intense storms in our area, including severe flooding. I am a Red Cross Disaster Relief Center Manager. I helped open two relief centers this week. It was hard work, late,nights and no sleep but so important. I didn't miss any work, stayed up at night, organized the efforts and kept alert. We had only three people need our shelters, luckily. Still, I didn't sleep much for two nights this week. I was a walking zombie. In fact, one day I lost Levi at work and I was running around yelling his name when the director reminded me he was at my home, not school. I had almost been in tears!!! That,is too tired!!!!

  Today we served at our,church for something we call Beyond The Walls. The people of our,church reach out to,our community to help the elderly, needy, homeless, etc. plus we have a team making dresses for little girls, visit nursing homes and take them cookies, and wash cars for free. 

  The biggest effort was Stop Hunger Now. More than 250 people gathered together to package meals for the hungry worldwide. Each bag we made contained vitamins, dried veggies, soy protein and rice, enough to feed six people. We made 40,0000 packages today. I am so proud of my boys. Each one worked a scale, adjusting the weight of each bag to fall into a specific range. We worked for hours making these meals but not one kid quit. What an amazing lesson for them. Three years ago they served meals to the homeless, then the next year to a shelter, then last year we painted rooms at a shelter. Lead by example. That is the thing we all need to do. Lead by example!!!!

  I am soooo tired. Sorry for typos. I am just so ,tired......

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You do know that you are my hero, right?

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