Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mama Bear is Mad!

  One morning this week Jon began telling me about a cafeteria monitor at his school that was 'being mean'. His words, not mine. First he told me that she asked him to put water on his head. I was so confused. You have to understand, he has a big problem putting his thoughts into words so I have to dig to understand what he is trying to tell me. It turns out she didn't like that his hair sticks up and demanded he wet it with water and slick it down. First, I have to say good luck with that, he is part porcupine. If I can't get it to lay down with 57 different hair products, water is not going to work. Secondly, WTF? She is a cafeteria monitor! What should she care about his hair? It is well within the guidelines for hair so back,off.
  Then he tells me she won't let him use the restroom. Since I worked at the school last year I know that the restrooms are available during lunch. Kids eat, drink, need the restroom. It's biology. Just saying.
  Then he tells me she told him the word "bullcrap" when he said he really needed the restroom. Oh, now I am getting a little ticked. My son does NOT need anymore bad words in his vocabulary. And he certainly does not need to be talked to that way.
  And then.......Ahren tells me that last week he left his lunch in his classroom and when he asked her to go get it she told him no and made him go purchase a hot lunch. She led him to the lunch line and made him go through. He was too scared to not do what she said. But, this is my child with food allergies. The kind where he has doctor orders on file, Epi-Pens in the nurses office, medical care directives for emergency care. This past week he has had asthma issues and has thrown up. Is it from the food? The more I think about this woman and her power trip on the kids the madder I get. I wanted to march into the school, find her, and confront her. I decided that was a bad idea because I knew I might have lost my shiznit and gone totally Mama Bear on her. It would have been ugly. So I didn't. Instead I e-mailed the school,and they are "looking into it". No word yet. I may still have to go into the school and I hope I can keep cool. I would look horrible in a mug shot!
  I hate stupid people. I really do. Just saying......

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Reba said...

Hopefully you will get some answers soon!