Monday, April 07, 2014

Fake IRS phone calls

  Today I received a phone message from a woman at the IRS saying that I needed to contact them immediately due to serious legal issues. Say what? Right after I got the message
 I called the phone number they left, and the bizarre began to unfold.
  First, the message I got was in such a thick Indian ( from India) accent that I couldn't decipher half of what she said. That was my first clue. Then, when I called back, the first thing the guy I reached ( also with a thick Indian accent) asked me about was the name of my attorney. I asked him why I would need an attorney? He stated, in a ticked off voice, that I was being sued. By whom? Then he really acted ticked and told me he would read me the 'deposition' and I was NOT to interrupt him but that he would answer questions at the end. Ok, second clue, a deposition is someone's sworn testimony not the list of charges against someone. He rambled on about 3 counts against me, none of which were actual charges and none had any details. They were vague but scary sounding. When he finished I asked him what year the charges were for and he replied 2006-2012. I asked why, if we had used a certified public accounting firm to file those returns,  why they had not contacted them since they were legally responsible for the veracity of those returns. He got really ticked off at that point and screamed at me that he was sending the Sheriff to arest me and he hung up. He used several nasty cuss words in that diatribe.
  Note, each time these people called me they identified themselves as employees of the Internal Revenue Service. They told me they were in the legal department of the IRS. Right.
  I called this man back immediately and he answered the phone by saying"Why are you calling me back?" I told him that he said he would answer my questions and I had questions that he needed to answer. I then asked him why they had not contacted my CPA? He then called me a stupid ^$@&#¥, etc etc. It was really nasty. So I asked why every person I had talked to had a thick Indian accent and why they were not Americans. He continued his nasty diatribe.
  So......I told him he was a fraud, that he was a piece of trash and I would open a can of Texas whoop a$$ on him. ( I actually said a lot more I cannot print here) and I hung up. Then I contacted the real IRS and reported it. Apparently this happens every year and is called Phishing. They scare you, get a lot of personal information and steal your identity. Do NOT fall for this. The IRS does NOT contact you in this manner if they find an error in a tax return. Always double check with the real IRS.
  ** note! I have nothing against people from India, it was just a red flag if everyone from the IRS spoke very poor English.

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