Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Isn't this just about the funniest looking face you have ever seen?

 Jolie, the grand dame of our house and ruler of all, has decided that she can tolerate the kitten.
 Levi has quite the fashion sense. (Thank goodness!) I think his sisters had quite a lot to do with this.
 We have been spending more time cooking now that the weather is cooling off a bit. Levi is chopping dried fruit for breakfast cookies.
 Ahren has a lot of style too, as long as I pick out  his clothes! LOL!  Here he is 'poplin his collar' and reliving the 80-s.
 Having a large yard means a lot of work. Here is Chris out mowing around the pond with the tractor. We are again in a drought so this was a dirty, dusty hot job. I almost had to strip him down and hose him off in the backyard before letting him in the house! Hahahahahahaha!!


Anonymous said...

Levi and Ahren look so grown up! And I think your animals (all fo them) are adorable.


Anonymous said...

Great pics. love the pets!