Sunday, September 22, 2013

Aggie Traditions

Kaytee and Ashley are both attending Texas A&M university. Kaytee is a senior and this past week she participated in one of the oldest Aggie traditions. The ring ceremony. We had no idea what to expect since this is our first experience. 

Months ago we ordered and paid for her class ring. The coolest thing is that the school pays half of the cost and insures the ring for the students. One week earlier all of those participating lined up to pull a time slot for the ceremony. From 2pm until 8 pm, a large group of students is ushered into the receiving room every 15 minutes. They line up by last name, show their IDs and get their rings. Then everyone cheers and claps, snaps pictures and then gets ushered out the other side so the next group can file in. 

Then on Friday, we all drove to College Station, ran several blocks in the rain, and all for this sweet young woman.

In line with her paperwork.
 Her ring box, held by her father. It is tradition that he places it on her finger.
 Placing the ring on her finger. 
 I think she was a little happy.....
 The traditional ring sign. 
 She had goosebumps and was shaking she was so excited. This is a huge deal at A&M.
 Up close shot.
 Kaytee and her father. I wanted to also take a picture with my husband Chris and his checkbook, but it didn't happen. Kaytee will be graduating with no debt, no student loans at all. 
 She really stands that much taller than me. Brat!
 Kaytee and Ashley, our Aggie girls.
 Posing in front of the spirit coach. 
 Kaytee and her little brother Levi. These two are so alike, definitely peas in the same pod.
 All three little brothers. I love how close my girls are to their brothers and vice versa. 
It was an exciting evening, full of proud parents and wonderful memories. We will be doing this again in a few years. And again and again and again, since all 3 boys have already proclaimed they will also be Aggies. Hey Daddy, hang onto that checkbook!!!!!


Deon said...

Whoop! Congrats to Kaytee. That ring can potentially boost you along your career path. I still proudly wear mine! Gig 'em!! :)

Reba said...

What a neat tradition! I can't believe she is a senior...where did that time go???