Monday, December 31, 2012

Temporary Name: One-Armed Mama

I am discovering that there are many things that i can figure out how to do with only one hand.

Cook? Yep. Made bacon and eggs for breakfast. Cracked all the eggs left handed. No shells!

Shower? Yep. Even shaved (spottily) and conditioned my hair.

Personal hygeine? Can put toothpaste on my toothbrush by laying the tube hanging over the edge of the counter and squishing it with my elbow.  Bathroom needs? Got it covered, thank goodness!!

Getting dressed? The bra stumped me for a while but now I place it around my waist, get it fastened then spin it marooned and up and over. One boob is in my armpit and the other in the center of my chest, but they are harnessed!

Opening jars and bottles of medication.....pretty hard. I can get my prescription open with one hand, but I need help with twisting other things open. Chris loosened all the jelly lids for me and left them loose. Sweet man!

What I cannot do: tie my shoes, chop veggies, smack small booties (kidding) and do pushups.
Unfortunately I can do laundry, housekeeping, grocery shopping and other mundane chores. I really, really hoped I would be unable to do those things. Maybe if I break my other hand too????

The boys are all pitching in to help out. Well, most of them. Ahren tends to sit like a lump and demand people wait on him. He is trying, though. He attempted to, open his own can of soda but got it partially open, had it tip over and spin out of his hands, roll off the table and hit the floor spinning and shooting soda everywhere. Nice try but No. He is now allowed to get himself a glass of water. Period. LOL!


Deb said...

it will get better. you will figure things out and you have that super helper Levi around- unfortunately school starts back soon.

Sending you prayers and hugs thru this time.

Love to you,

Reba said...

You keep insisting those boys help you out. :) I hope your recovery continues to be swift. I guess I won't ask for any damaged limbs if it doesn't get me out of laundry.