Thursday, December 20, 2012


  There is so much going on here that I have been too busy to update. I will try and hit all the high points, but no promises. My poor ol' brain is on overload right now.

  Seth began to fall apart a few weeks ago. The first week I saw that he had double color changes at school three days in a row. Pushing, disturbing others, throwing things, etc. Very unusual for him now. We talked about it and put a consequence in place. The next week he was on green the first two days and then his folder got 'lost'. I found it on Friday and saw that he had a major color change and that the teacher had said 'see note'. No note was ever found. The folder remained missing but his teacher e-mailed me regarding his behavior. He had ended the week in the principle's office! OMG! She was shocked that he was acting like this because to her it was so different than what she had seen so far this year. To me, it just meant he had been triggered and was reacting. I told her why he was acting out and she understood. Then I cuddled him at home and talked about why he was out of control. He acted like he was soooo happy I had called him on it! His whole demeanor changed immediately. All of the tension and anxiety melted out of  his body and  he was so happy. This is huge for him. He was experiencing all these feelings that he could not recognize, but the minute I pointed them out to him, he accepted it and was back to being grounded. Amazing. He has been so awesome ever since. Both at school and at home! The only thing I have noticed is that he seeks my attention and approval constantly. Hugs, words, touching me, whatever he needs to stay grounded. He seems so much happier!!! Good boy!!!!!

  Ahren overheard me saying the password to my IPad, and proceeded to spend over $400 in two hours on games. I had no idea. The bank voided the transactions and I got the money back, but you better believe I will be way more careful with my password and his use of my IPad!!!!

  I finished my first semester of graduate school with a perfect 4.00! I am loving it and learning so much. I also never knew I could handle this much at one time. School, family, work, etc. I even made all of my favorite holiday goodies to share with friends and neighbors. I enjoyed every minute of it!

  The one down side of this time is that I have injured my hand pretty badly. I tore a tendon in the back of my hand that holds all of the little bones together. I am finding out tomorrow whether I need surgery and how long I will need to be in a hard cast to allow it to heal. It is estimated at being MONTHS of in-mobility in my hand. Complete hard cast to my fingertips for four or more months. SUCKS!!!!

  Kaytee is on Dean's List again. Smart Girl!!!!

  I have no presents wrapped yet. Bad hand = no wrapping. Everything will go in bags. Holiday bags, lunch bags, garbage bags, grocery bags. It is going to be interesting.

Love y'all!!!!!

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Deb said...

Praying for your hand- being in a cast for months is absolutely no fun (says the momma who spent 6 months in a non weight bearing cast on her foot).

So glad that you were able to help Seth get back on track. Ahren= he is one little riot.

Love and hugs to you all. Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you.


PS- congrats on your grades. You are an awesome woman and momma.