Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This is how our morning goes

Planned Schedule

3:30 am Chris gets up to get ready for work
4:00 am He kisses me goodbye and tells me he loves me. I try to go back to sleep
5:00 am I get up, knit and watch DVR shows for an hour, drinking in the calmness
6:00 am Get dinner prepared and into the crockpot
6:30 am Jump in the shower and get ready for work. Possibly interrupted numerous times as small people wake up
7:00 am Anyone still sleeping has to wake up
7:10 Prepare breakfast
7:15 Kids eat breakfast, I feed dogs, rat and turtle, put lunches in backpacks, etc
7:30 Get kids dressed, perform daily shoe hunt, double check folders fro homework
7:40 am Out the door
7:45 am Drop kids at school


6:45 am OMG I overslept, throw on clothes, brush teeth and hair, throw on makeup
7:00 am wake kids
7:05 wake kids again
7:10 pull blankets off of kids and turn lights on
7:15 Literally drag them out of bed and prop their semi-comatose bodies at the table, place food in front of them
7:16 Stop whining, eat your breakfast
7:17 STOP WHINING and eat your breakfast
7:18 clean up spilled cereal
7:19 No More whining!!!!
7:20 Throw food at pets, hopefully they all get some
7:25 Grab outfits luckily laid out night before, begin stuffing kids into clothes
7:30 Where are their shoes? I have 7 different shoes, none of which match. Contemplate starting new fashion trend of mis-matched shoes - keep searching
7:40 Grab backpacks, last pair of shoes not on a kid, 3 boys and my purse and dash out the door.
7:43 Turn back around, run into house and grab my lunch, head to school
7:50 Drop kids at school and head to work. (Sniff shirt to make sure I don't smell.....)

Today was an 'As Planned Day' and I love those. But the truth is, no matter how much I prepare the night before, or how well organized things are, we end up with more days like the Reality list. Oh well, we eventually get there and everyone is happy. isn't that what life is all about?

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Anonymous said...

You have no idea how impressed I am that you manage even one "as planned" day! And raising a happy family is what is all about.