Monday, September 05, 2011

Better late than never!

I refuse to feel guilty because I am

A) Too busy to blog
B) Completely lazy
C) Uninspired
D) All of the above

Sometimes life just gets in the way of things. Things like blogging, shaving my legs, and dusting.

Two weeks ago we had the first day of school. Did you hear me woohoo-ing? Yup, that was me. The school has been awesome and we hand-picked the teachers for Ahren and Seth so that they had a good fit. Seth's teacher is calm, very experienced and will keep very strict boundaries. Ahren's teacher is warm and loving but not easily fooled. She will push him and keep him on track.

 Ever try and get three excited boys to pose for a first-day-of-school photo? 

 The first day of school went very well. No one got lost, no one cried (nope, not me. Maybe a wee bit teary, but no crying) Ahren obviously didn't quite grasp the concept because he asked at least 3 times if he got to come back tomorrow.

Second day of school and Ahren had an accident. The 'urinal' usage issue. I spent the evening giving him a 'how to aim your toot' lesson. Considering I am ill-equipped for such a lesson I feel I still managed quite well. Hit the water!

Ahren also had some issues with going #2 at school. He began holding it, which is a bad thing considering his constant constipation issue. Over the first weekend he went 7 times, just catching up from the week. We decided to add a fiber/probiotic to his daily dose of miralax. Unfortunately that got him moving enough that he had to go at school. He went to the bathroom but tried to pull his pants down without un-doing them and ended up peeing and pooping as he struggled. His teacher found him and called the school nurse, who called the janitor and a teacher's helper. Thirty minutes later he was all cleaned up, in his back-up outfit and back in class. The school nurse has now suggested that if he needs to poop he should come to her office and use her potty. Poor kid, coordination is just not his forte!

 I think I forgot to tell you that we have a working diagnosis for Ahren of Muscular Dystrophy. The definition fits his symptoms the closest so that is what we and the doctors are calling it. He has good weeks and bad weeks. We keep tweaking the supplements and therapies and he is doing well.

We ended the second week of school with Ahren doing a face-plant at school and getting a fat lip. The nurse called me and she didn't want to send him on to the after school program (she has a bit of a crush on him I suspect) so I left work early and picked him up. He looked just fine to me but I am used to his bumps and bruises.

I knew Seth would be on his best behavior at first. In fact, I was counting on that honeymoon period. He slipped up a little last week when he had to drop his color from green to yellow for not keeping his hands to himself. He didn't hit, but was poking another child with his finger while trying to tell them what to do. (Mr. Bossypants lives on)

Unfortunately, on Friday, he came home with a girl's bracelet, a necklace and a red toy car. He claimed he got all three from the treasure box. I happen to know that they do not give more than one treasure at a time, so I asked him about the items. I have now gotten 4 stories of where they came from. Anyone else out there smell a rat? The truth is that he got the mardi-gras style beads from the treasure box and the bracelet and car by some other means, most likely stealing, since he has no true explanation of how he came to have these items in his possession. So tomorrow he will return the items to the teacher and tell her how he got them (no idea what story he will give) I will have already warned her. This should be interesting.


Reba said...

I doubt the teacher will be surprised...very common. I once had an even more experienced teacher tell me that the honesty factor doesn't kick in with kids until about age 8. :)

Wendy said...

Reba, you are an angel to deal with kinder kids every day!