Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Levi loves animals and they love him. Look at that killer pit bull. Scary huh?

 I never get good pictures of Ahren smiling. Every time he sees the camera he puts on the cheesiest smile. I guess a big plate of food is the key to a great smile!
 Another rescued turtle, found on the road. This time it is a box turtle. We are keeping him inside for now since the severe drought is very dangerous to this type of turtle. He seems to have adapted beautifully and is eating well, very active and beautiful.  He has a log to hide under, fresh water, and a pool to float in to keep hydrated. We also get him out every day for exercise.
 Here he is taking a snooze in the pool. He was lying like this, head and legs on the edge and eyes shut. That is one happy turtle!
 Buster, the lap dog.  LOL!

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Joie said...

Holy cow! I literally just took this last week to read back from your very first post! Just finished all of them...I absolutely adore hearing about your kids and love your sarcasm. I can't even remember HOW I found you, but you now officially have a new blog follower!!!