Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Peri Brynn (aka PBJ)

  I know a lot of you are anxiously waiting for an update about what is happening with Peri Brynn's case. I had talked to the coordinator of Guat adoption information several months ago and she was going to find out specifics on our case and let me know.

  Also, about 8 weeks ago Senator Landreau led a delegation to Guatemala to touch base and get updates on the progress of the cases still in progress. She had meetings set up with all the key players and hopes ran high.

Quick aside: For those of you not well versed in the intricacies of the current Guat adoption climate, here is a quick primer on the who's who.

PGN: National organization that oversees the welfare of children. Previously the only government body who oversaw adoptions. Once you had PGN approval the adoption was complete on the Guat side. PGN has always been notoriously unpredictable.

CNA: The new government authority tasked to oversee adoptions so that they meet the international adoption guidelines. Started 3 years ago, the organization has had numerous staff turnovers, never established a clear adoption protocol and never (to my knowledge) actually completed ANY adoptions.

Legal system: Guatemala has a unique system of local legal jurisdiction. A local judge can over-rule other judges opinions. The local judges fight amongst themselves for control constantly. Most are corrupt and only look out for their own interests.

  Back to the story of Peri Brynn. Following my request for information I have received absolutely nothing. No information at all.

  Following Senator Landreau's visit we waited and waited to hear how it went. After many weeks we finally got a very carefully worded message. The message it conveyed was that 'We would not give up. We would keep trying'. The details showed that all of the promises made to the US in December had not happened. Not one single thing they promised. The Guat contacts argued amongst themselves about  how many cases there are, where they are stuck, who is responsible, how to fix it and about any other tiny detail they could use to blame someone else. There were many lies, much subterfuge, and lots and lots of finger pointing. The only thing NOT happening is any cooperation.

I knew I should never have begun top hope again. Hope is for fools......


Reba said...

I am sorry. :( I am still over here hoping for you. And will keep praying. I am so frustrated with Guatemala. There are kids in our daughter's hogar who legally are adopted to people in America but Guatemala won't let leave the country. Some have been waiting for three years. :( So frustrating.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes all you have left is hope, so don't go giving up on Hope just yet.
Hope helps us get through this difficult journey called life, as it has done for you on many occassions.
All is not lost when you still have Hope and you still do have Hope she is just taking longer to become your dream.
Hope is there for people that believe that the Sun will shine through even on the dark cloudy days and for people that dream of a better tomorrow.
Look up and look for the stars and above all don't give up on Hope. She is a good friend and the only thing at times that really keeps us going.
Hugz from
Grandma Jo
from South Australia.

Diana said...

GRRRRRRR!!!!! (((and hugs!)))

Dana said...

Ah, my dear sister, hope is for those who see a greater power than government twits. Remeber the Christmases of the deflated snowman? Only you saw the future...
Love you!!