Friday, April 23, 2010

Deja Vu

Last night as I was driving into our neighborhood I saw our neighbor's two dogs standing by the side of the road. I stopped, opened the side door of the van and told them to get in. Amazingly, they did! I drove the rest of the way with two happy passengers begging for pets. I pulled into their driveway and got out to knock on the door. Our neighbor answered and knew immediately why I was there. She came out and got her two wayward 4-legged children. (They are notorious for breaking through the underground dog fence system.) I left her house with a big good-samaritan smile on my face.

Then I pulled into our drive, walked in the back door and found out that Ahren had let our Yorkie (aka Cujo) loose and she was missing. Now, this is a common event around our house. That stupid dog thinks she is a big ferocious beast and charges off into the woods on a mission to catch a deer every chance she gets. All 6 pounds of her. Like that is going to happen! i keep trying to convince her she is a princess but she isn't buying it.

So I head back outside to find our missing pup, whistle once, and she comes running into my arms.

Missing dogs: Zero
Wendy: Three

I win!!!

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