Saturday, March 27, 2010

Motherhood necessitates invention

After two weeks of chaos, suffering and anguish, I was faced today with parenting the three boys all by myself. I was OK with it. I hoped we could have a lovely, home-bound day of bonding, peace and quiet. (OK, delusional comes to mind, but a gal can hope can't she?) So after running a bunch of errands this morning amid much whining, complaining, picking on each other, and general poor behavior, I decided to try something different. We planned a campout. The original plan was to put up the big tent in the yard, but since i could not FIND the tent nor was sure I could actually assemble the tent, we went with plan B. Tent in the living room.

We palyed a game where they had to go find all the things we needed, set to a song. OK, a very BAD song, but I san it anyway! They had a blast.
Then we created a fire pit on the patio. I sent the boys into the woods to find firewood. They loved that! I added charcoal so the fire would last.
Next i sent them into the backyard with the instructions to get as muddy as possible. I had to tell them three times before they believed me! When they were done we washed off in buckets full of warm soapy water in the yard then came in and changed into jammies (their idea!) It's Team Monkey, so named by Levi.
We lit the fire and then cooked hotdogs over the open fire. They had lots of help by Mommy and no hotdogs ended up harmed in the making of dinner. Eating dinner was another story! These were some hungry boys!!!
We finished off dinner with toasted marshmallows. Yum! What a great meal...
Now they are having a pillow fight and giggling like crazy. It's only a matter of time before someone ends up crying. Oh well, it was a good day. The boys are planning on sleeping in the tent for the night and I will let them. They want me to join them, but my old creaky body is not so good sleeping on the floor. I will lay with them for a while, then sneak off to bed with a glass of wine and watch something I have on our DVR. Something NOT kid-friendly. Life is good!!!


Diana said...

Sounds like a fun day!

Mamita J said...

Fun! Fun! You're a good mom! :-)

Reba said...

You are such a fun mom. I may have to try something similar, kids would love it I think. The boys look like they have so much fun together! (Between the arguing and all...I know how it is at our house)