Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Worst Lunch Hour EVER

I spent the morning at work after dropping everyone off at school/preschool. I then swung by the pre-school to get all the littles and headed home. We had just walked in the door when Little S told me he was going to throw up. I rushed him to the bathroom but the door was locked and it was in use. So I snatched him up and ran for the kitchen sink, making it just in time for the geyser to blow.

I got him cleaned up and settled down and then the phone rang. It was the school nurse and I needed to pick up Levi. I got there, checked him out and had to take the long way home because the back street into our neighborhood was blocked off. About one block from the house I heard gulp, gulp, splaaaash, splash, splash. Sure enough Levi was vomiting all over the inside of the van. He had just finished lunch so there was a lot.

I got him home, cleaned up and into bed and went out to try and clean up the worst in the van. It is down into the seats, under the seats, in the seat belt tracks, everywhere. I soaked it with Lysol, wiped up everything I could see, soaked it all again and left the van in the garage with all the windows open. I drove the other car back to work.

Both boys fell asleep and later threw up again. They seem better now. We will see how tonight goes. It's only a matter of time before everyone else is hit with this.

Anyone want to purchase a used, very smelly van?????


Angie said...

Vomiting in a vehicle is my the worst! THEE WORST. I feel for you. I truly do.

Cathie said...

poor little guys!!! poor van!! poor Mama!!! I do hope that the rest of you somehow miss all of this.

Diana said...

EEEWWWW. Not fun. Douse the thing with anti-bacterial odor eliminating Fabreeze and then leave it in the garage with the windows down all night. It helps a lot with the smell.

BT said...

Professional cleaning did the trick for us a few years back.

That is so not fun.

Deb said...

Baking soda all over the seats and floor for as long as you can leave it, then vacum up- that should take out the smell