Tuesday, June 09, 2015

We did it!

For the first time in over 13 years Chris and I went away by ourselves for a  bit of vacation. In the past, we we're waiting on adoption news, in the middle of an adoption, just adopted or having to deal with an adopted child with major abandonment issues. We did what was best at the time, but we were the ones who sacrificed greatly. We don't mind, it is what we chose, but  now we have opportunities. They are small and short lived, and they take great coordination and resources, but we do have them!

We flew out on a Thursday. The nanny had met the boys several times prior to this and was all set. We flew to Park City, Utah and made our way to a 4 star resort. The resort room we had usually rents for up to $1100, especially during the Sundance Film Festival held there. We did not pay a fraction of that but we still felt like celebrities.Our bed was huge, we had a fireplace, and the staff was amazing.


One day we spent putting around the old town Main Street area with local shops and eateries. We ate amazing food, talked to amazing people and bought perfect souvenirs.

Then another day we road tripped to three states to see state/national parks. We talked and laughed more than we have in years until I got motion sickness on the way down the mountain and things got a bit quiet. Chris was so sweet. I love him more than anything!

We dined and ate cheese, crackers and wine. Slept in and cuddled. Watched our favorite TV and took naps. What could have been more perfect!!!

My sweet. loveable bear of a hubby rocking on the porch. I love this man more than oxygen itself…...

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Dawn said...

Awww!!!! Good for you!!!!! <3