Friday, December 27, 2013

My Obamacare experience

  I hesitate to post about anything political or religious. I have my opinions and I really don't want to argue them or defend them on a public forum.....but I feel the need to share my experience regarding the new healthcare initiative.
  A little background: when I left my job this summer we used Cobra for continuing our health insurance for a few months. After that I got plans for Kaytee and Ashley thru the college, but the rest of us are uninsured. Yep, we are 'those' people right now. We knew that by January we would be participating in a new plan, although we will not qualify for any assistance. We just wanted a plan that could give us decent coverage and not cost thousands every month.
  Starting on the first of October I began attempting to use the site to create an account and shop for insurance. First, it took 7 attempts over 5 weeks to actually create an account. Then I had to fill out pages and pages of information. I did that but none of it saved. Again and again and again. Then finally one day I got thrunthemapplication process and onto the identity verification portion. This is where everything tanked. The site could not verify my identity.  So I called the special phone number. They told me that they did not have me in the system and to try back next week. This went on for three weeks until they finally told me to call a specialist. Again, I did that but she also couldn't find me so she took my info and told me a higher level specialist would contact me. Yup, that never happened.
  I called again and was told I had to upload pictures of my documentation, such as my drivers license, passport and social security card. Say what? You have my social and license info already, how will a picture be any different? Seriously? I feel completely comfortable sending everything needed to steal my identity to a website that is so jacked up already. NOT!!!
  It is now past the deadline to enroll and I have called, resubmitted our application numerous times and done everything short of offering them my first born child and my identity to steal. We are now shopping directly with the insurance companies. It's too late to have coverage in January but maybe by February.
  So in the end I am not a fan of the new system. Maybe the coverages will be worth it, maybe not. I will wait to see before making an opinion on that. But the system so far? Broken, frustrating and ridiculously difficult. I gave it my best effort. I reserved judgement early on. I really hoped it would be a success.


Leah Maya Benjamin said...

even once you get thru the deductibles are so high before there's any coverage and the prices are high too. We were a lot better off with the individual plan we were on. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your experiences. I've friends and family members who had no problems and were very happy with it and others with just the opposite. It seems to depend on the state you are in, unfortunately.


Desiree said...

I am a young 30 years old but I stay home to work when I can but to be here for 4 kids. I am independently contracted so I don't get health insurance from an employer. The kids are my fiance's and we are not married. He has insurance and the kids do so it was only me that needed any. Well I got through the site in no time with no troubles on the first log in but.... because I don't make very much it says I should get medicaid. Well I don't qualify for medicaid in my state. I have no kids and I am young so no coverage. But the policy offered to me was almost have my estimated yearly income so there for I am exempt... to think I was excited to be able to obtain affordable insurance. So guess I am one that it did not hurt but did not help.