Thursday, December 12, 2013

Catching up in pictures

Career day at school. Ahren went as an FBI agent.

Jon went as a cowboy (he doesn't really want to be one, just wanted to wear his hat and boots)

 Why do they sleep like this? They look like they have been run over!

Ahren and Levi dressed up for a Halloween party.

Boys and muddy holes. Pure joy…for them!

                       Boxers are the best dogs for kids. This is how the boys sleep every night.

Lots of outdoor activities now that it is not so hot. Levi on his 4-wheeler. Helmets are required!

Levi stylin. 

                           Heapin' pile of boxers. They constantly lay on top of each other like this.

Trunk or Treat at the church. We went as Duck Dynasty. Hilarious!

We borrowed a friend of levi's to have enough characters. Adam was Willie. Levi is Si, Jon is Jace and Ahren is Jep.


Anonymous said...


Those photos made my day! Jon and Ahren are beyond cute (I mean handsome!). How many dogs do you have now? There seems to be a new one everytime you post. Hugs from Tucson. Yep, I'm in Tucson now, working at the UofA.


Anonymous said...

Cute pics! LOVE your boxers. I also have a fawn colored one. So adorable!