Sunday, May 26, 2013

Life marches on....

Things around here at Chaos Central are revolving around the end of the school year, spending time having fun with family, and planning for the summer.
Bogey found the perfect spot to grab a nap. I don't know how comfortable that can be, but he was sacked out.

Here in Texas, we believe very strongly in the right to Bear Arms. 

Levi and his great friend Adam on Field Day. 
Adam looks a little scary......LOL!

Rio (on the right) snuggling with his best friend Peppy one foggy wet morning.

Run Ahren, Run! 

Me, 35+ pounds lighter and in a size 8 pants. Still a little tummy bulge to go. No secret, just hard work and consistency and a lot of little changes in my habits.

I treated the boys and their friends to cupcakes one day. Whoever thought blue frosting was a good idea? It certainly wasn't a Mother! You should have seen their mouths afterwards. A Smurf Gang!

Levi and his 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Vecera. He has always gotten the best teachers and this year was no different. We LOVED Mrs. Vecera and Ms. Hanus, his switch teacher. I really hope Ahren and Jonathan get them, too.

Jump, Jonathan, Jump!
 (Still struggling to call him Jonathan and not Seth, but he still loves me!)
When he read this he looked and me and said, "Well Duh!". 


Reba said...

Love all of the pics! I can't believe how much the boys have grown. And way to go on the weight loss! I am in maintenance mode. Still working on my tummy too. :) Have a good weekend together!

Anonymous said...

It is great to see everyone looking so healthy and happy. You have a beautiful family - human and animal. Hugs - Sandra