Monday, April 22, 2013

Oh what a week!

  I knew when I decided to add grad school to my busy life that it would be a challenge.  This is not just school, it is accelerated higher learning and I am taking a course load that makes me more than half time. I am completing a full semester of classes every eight weeks. It's been hard but I am loving it.  This is not what made my week especially difficult.
  Oh no, not school or work or misbehaving kiddos. Nope, this was the week of pathogenic microbes. Monday morning Levi woke up with large swollen pussy tonsils. Nasty! Next Ahren woke up with an earache. Nice. I kept them both home and doctored them with my arsenal of meds. On Tuesday i had to work in the morning but made doctors appointments for them in the afternoon. Sure enough, two prescriptions for antibiotics and two referrals to an ENT. After the doctors office we picked up Seth/Jonathan (so hard to use his new name!) from school. He said his tummy was hurting and sure enough as I pulled out of the parking lot he began vomiting in my new van (we made it to 3,000 miles before the first major uh-oh in the new van). He threw up until the next morning and then I stayed home with him. He was full of energy and feeling better. I was exhausted.
  Then at 5 am Friday morning Levi runs into my room (Chris is already at work) and yelled Mom just before he began vomiting on the carpet. Just as he is finishing  up Ahren runs in behind him and said, "what is.........barf". Right on the carpet next to Levi. Maybe it was the lack of sleep or the irony of it all, but I began laughing. I cleaned them up, got them situated with ginger ale and puke buckets, then I cleaned up the carpeting. Poor carpet, it has seen better days. It has been scrubbed so many times it looks nappy. I told Chris we should just leave the floors all cement and put in a floor drain.
So another day home with sick kids. Ahren set the record with 6 episodes (he was so proud). I sanitized everything I could all week, but it still spread. Poor Chris began vomiting late Friday night. Me? I am too tough and ornery to get sick. Hah! I laugh in the face of dual vomiting!

  So what a week. Homework is a piece of cake compared to stomached bugs.

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Reba said...

Oh my! Not fun stuff at your house! I hope that everyone is starting to feel better!