Saturday, March 31, 2012

On Being Away from Home....

  The last trip was only 5 days. This time it stretches to ten whole days. I am feeling odd, disconnected, unsettled. I also feel guilty. Guilty for leaving my sweet, adorable husband to deal with everything. Guilty for enjoying quiet time to read and knit. Guilty for being able to crawl into bed early and hog all the covers to myself. Just plain guilty. Comes with the territory of being a mom.....sigh.
  My Dad is coming home this morning. We decided to let him stay one more night while they got his oral pain meds under control. He is a bit uncomfortable, especially as he is getting up and down (using thos core muscles is HARD) but overall he is quite content. Now he is just anxious to get out of the hospital and get some uninterrupted sleep, eat what he wants and get comfy in his big chair. His incision runs from just below his breast bone to just above his pubic bone, I estimate about 15 inches long. It covers a bit more distance because, as the surgeon says, he has a fat belly. LOL!
  Ahren, my silly beautiful boy, turns out he got into trouble at school because he thought Seth would get all the attention for acting up while I was gone, so he decided to try it too. He told me so! The next day, he not only did super well at school, he got a special behavior award called Sparkle. They award this to a child who has had a perfect day and also showed some special kindness to another person. He was much happier to get the positive attention for Sparkle than the negative attention for the day before. That kid is way too bright for his own good. He even laughed about his little plan!
  Seth is hanging in there really well. What a champ! I still expect some fall out, but also a certain pride in himself for having done so well. There is going to be a big celebration with my boys when I get home! Funny thing, though, Levi has been very sad the last two nights, just missing me. I can't forget to show him extra attention just because I think he is doing OK. He still misses me and gets sad too.

Have to run! A big blonde Viking with a stomache full of staples is waiting for his ride!

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Reba said...

What a clever kid! I can't believe he thought out that plan then told you! I am glad he had a much better day. I am hoping the fallout with Seth is minimal. And hugs to Levi...and you! If anything, I bet they all appreciate you that much more!