Friday, February 17, 2012

Train Wreck

Have you ever experienced one of those moments where your whole world suddenly takes a giant turn in a completely different direction? Mine came last week in a phone call regarding my father.

Last week he was experiencing a kidney stone. The doctor sent him for an ultrasound to take a look and what they found, besides the stones, was an abdominal aortic aneurism that is about 2.5 inches in size. They immediately scheduled a lot of tests for the following week to determine the best course of action to repair it.

Then over the weekend he passed a stone and had a lot of bleeding that lasted for days. Back to the urologist, in between other appointments and they took a look and found that the stone had lacerated a mass in his bladder. They sent him for a CT scan. Sure enough, he has a 'cancer-looking' mass in his bladder.

So now next week there are still more tests and decisions on all issues to be made. I am flying up there Tuesday to help out. I just hope they don't find anything else with all the poking and prodding.

My folks are in good spirits but understandably stressed and worn out from all the running around to different tests. I will be chauffer (how do you spell that?) cook, waiting-room sitting companion, and recipient of many bad jokes.

And speaking of bad jokes, Levi made this one up for his Grandpa.
What did one banana call the other banana?

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Reba said...

Hugs and prayers for you!