Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Oh Ahren

  Something is going on with Ahren. This past school year he struggled with attention, which was nothing new. He is sweet, laid back and would prefer for someone, anyone, to do everything for him. But then as I spent more time with him this summer some new issues have appeared.
  He rocks back and forth on his feet all the time. If I interrupt him he can stop, but it starts up again shortly. He flaps his hands. He struggles to get words out and repeats the first two words of his idea over and over again. This isn't stuttering, it is different. He is stuck in a loop of thought and cannot escape it. His severe constipation and encopresis is not responding to the normal treatment. He is walking in a weird stumpy, bent over position.  He is often confused and asks the same questions over and over again.
  He had a doctors appointment today and got blood work, urine, ekg, etc. next step is specialists. Again. Will we ever get answers? So worried about him. He just seems lost.....


Dawn said...

Oh Wendy.....prayers for answers <3

Deb said...