Saturday, January 24, 2015

Broken Hearts

Please pray for my family. On Thursday we lost my dear nephew Zane. He was only 20 years old, a beautiful, vibrant, intelligent young man. We are all in shock. It just can't be real. Someone wake us up from this nightmare. Tomorrow morning I head to my sister Dana's home to be with her for the next week. I wish we lived closer to each other and not half a nation away. A week is not enough time to hug her, touch her, share with her. I love her so much and I can do so little. So very little. Please pray. We need it so much right now.


Dawn said...

Oh no!!!!!! I am so very sorry!!! Please give your sister a hug from me. Devastating. :(

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

I"m so sorry.....please take care

Reba said...

I am so sorry. Prayers for peace and for healing for all of your family.