Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Keeping them Active

Here is the thing. My boys love their computers and gaming devices. They would quite happily sit in front of a screen all day long working out only their fingers. A little screen time is great, but too much is a bad, bad thing. We strive to find lots of active things for them to do. We have a trampoline, acres of land, 4 wheelers, a horse, and a pond. Still, when it is summer in south Texas it is hard to find outdoor activities that won't kill you with the heat.What is a good thing to do? Swimming! We are putting in a pool. It is 16 feet wide by 41 feet long and goes from 3 ft to 9 ft deep. We didn't out in a spa because the thought of crawling into a hot tub in 100 degree heat was a negative. Here are some progress photos. It just completed filling with water yesterday so I will update photos for you.

 Oh that red Texas clay. This was a hard dig for the guys.

Nice and deep.

Did you know you can order a case of silly string off of Amazon? Yep, you can!


Deb said...

OMG, I am coming to your house (maybe not in high summer though). The more I look at Ahren, the more I think he and Aidan could be related. Have you done the 23andme testing? I am looking at doing it this winter.

I miss seeing posts/emails from you on a regular basis. hope all is well you.

Love and hugs,

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Is it Minecraft? Because mine are addicted to that one. It's totally beyond me, for sure. Blocks that make ugly buildings? But its not just the game, if I pull them off it they will watch videos of other people playing! Or read books about it! Its a huge WTF.