Friday, May 09, 2014

Magna Cum Laude

This morning my first child, Kaytee, graduated Magna Cum Laude from Texas A&M University with a B.S. in Psychology. I didn't cry. I did mist up a little but you will see why in a moment. I have come to terms with losing my baby and gaining an adult daughter. 

Here she is 2 hours into the ceremony. Believe me honey when I say we know how you felt! There were 1300 graduates in the college of liberal arts and they called every single name and listed their honors. Every. Single. One.

 Here is most of the gang sitting in the audience to support her. From left to right, Chris my husband, me, Kaytee, Chris her dad, Ashley and Uncle Greg her dad's brother. Taking the photo was Matt, Kaytee's awesome boyfriend.
 Here is Matt and Kaytee. Kaytee is tall and wearing heels and still Matt is quite a bit taller. They are quite the photogenic couple!

Here is me and Chris with our special girl. I am  not short! She is just tall!!! LOL!!!
 They have many, many traditions at A&M. One is that they can get special sashes for graduation that they then give to people who were the most instrumental in supporting them through their college career. Kaytee got two, one for her Dad and  one for my Chris, her step-Dad. That is when I got very teary. Having a good relationship between them has been a huge blessing. Having her acknowledge her step-dad was amazing. I think Chris got a little misty-eyed, too.
 Here are the two Dads with their special sashes. What an amazing sight! What an amazing girl.
 These three girls have known each other since second grade. All three graduated today. One day they were skinny little pigtailed squirts and the next grown women. Unbelievable!
 Just as crazy as ever!
 Uncle Greg giving Kaytee a gift. He may be my ex-brother-in-law but I will always love him. He is one of the best, kindest, most thoughtful men I have ever known. He is the one thing I lost in the divorce that I truly regret!!!

A view of Reed Arena with all the graduates and attendees. It is the same arena Kaytee had her high school graduation in but this was much more impressive.
 The celebrity couple giving the thumbs up sign and showing off their Aggie rings. (Matt graduated in December)
And to update everyone on Ashley, she did NOT have meningitis but most likely a viral encephalitis. That is just a virus that causes inflammation of the lining around the brain and spinal cord. She has bounced back very quickly like only the young can do.

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Congratulations! What a very exciting day.