Saturday, November 26, 2011


I didn't really intend to take a break but I it just worked out that way.  I guess I needed it since I feel all ready to blog and get back to real life. The past month+ I have been on autopilot in many ways. I took a 'vacation' in a way, from the emotional challenges of parenting, working, and handling life. Now I am re-charged and ready to handle it all again!

I have many blog posts in my brain and on my camera, so I will be catching up in bursts.

You know you have boys when....

you have plastic building blocks everywhere

you find rocks in the sink, the dryer, the bathtub, the drawers, etc etc

play guns are part of your decor

transformers walk your hallways

strange orange-soda monsters stage surprise attacks 

haircuts aren't so much done by stylists as by junior barbers (or is that 'barbarians'?)

you send them to wash their hands and more dirt ends up on the sink than down the drain

you find them all asleep snuggled together with their favorite dog and can't help but smile 

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Reba said...

I have missed your posts but know how important those "refreshing" vacations are. :) I love this post. SOOOO very true!